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Fast, Affordable Tablet, Laptop, Mac, PC, Game Console and Cell Phone Repair. Your gadgets play a major role in your professional, personal and school life. When your phone, tablet, or laptop breaks you want an expert to handle the repair. That’s where we come in. With over a decade of experience in the electronics repair industry, Twomey PC Repair can get the job done quickly and effectively.

Why Choose Us?

Fast Repairs

When your phone breaks, you need it back soon as possible We are here to help.

Low Price Guarantee

Repairing beats replacing, and Twomey PC Repair beats all other phone repair companies.

Superior Warranty

Stronger than any phone case, Twomey PC Repair offers the most reliable warranty on the market.

What Cellphone Problems Can
We Fix?

Cracked Screen
Cracked screen replacement services are both fast and affordable.
Camera Damaged
We will perform a diagnostic to determine the extent of the damage.
Speaker Not Working
You may be in need of a speaker repair or replacement.
No Signal
When you are experiencing weak signal or no signal.
Broken Buttons
If buttons on your device are malfunctioning or broken.
Dead Battery
Twomey PC Repair performs professional battery replacements.

We Can Fix It!

Our prices for iPhone repairs are competitive with anyone in the city. We repair cracked screens for all models of iPhones and repair broken buttons, speakers and cameras as well. Cracked screen on your new iPhone? We fix that.

What Computer Problems Can
We Fix?

Cracked Screen
Cracked screen replacement services are both fast and affordable.
Slow Computer
We can get your pc running up to speed again good as new.
Upgrades and Custom builds to suit your needs.
Yes we work on Macs
We were on all apple devices bring them by and we will take care of you.
Virus and Malware
We are experts in removing infections and hacks.
We Come to You.
We provide onsite services as well just give us a call to schedule a time.

Our Repairs Mean Business.

Broken and slow-performing devices can grind productivity down to a halt for big and small companies. Twomey PC Repair can get business booming again.

Custom Built - Computer Repair


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